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My art work magnifies microscopic organisms that have a symbiotic relationship with humans and non-humans; taking a critical view on our relationship with nature. I expose invisible lives that are crucial for environmental wellbeing by making them visible to the human eye. Therefore, the viewer will observe the presence of organisms in my artwork remanding them that we are not the only living creatures on the planet. My work investigates mycelium and fungi growth as well as utilises sound and image to make an extra-terrestrial connection; connecting the audience with the microorganisms as if they were trying to tell us something. 

Furthermore, I also work with making death less expensive trough art. I gave a talk about my art work related to death at the “Afterlives” conference at the University of Glasgow.  My current writing project involves composing animal obituaries to increase social consciousness of animal death. Like microorganisms, humans often neglect the omnipresence of animals dying. We forget to mourn the passing of nature in the same way that we commemorate our own mortality. Today, while we lose so much of the natural environment, we need to find a way to mourn our ecological losses.

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THe Fungiproject

Exploring the symbiotic relationship between fungi, algae and non- human, organisms through art. 

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Symbiotic Relationship

NCSE Colors of Science Art Contest

Birds in my garden

Birds in my garden

Pollen yellowish powdery substance


A longitudinal wave Acoustic source, Travelling through matter Rare and further apart.


Arte y adopción

Video Projection

Video projection of microorganism

Solo exhibition about microorganisms, lines and shapes.

Artist Book



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Waste Away Coral

Video art





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