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The Micro world is astonishing; similar to outer space, despite it only being a small drop of water

that contains microorganism it is a whole new universe. New forms of communication between

humans and non-humans are shown with images and sound. Humans tend to forget our immense

relationship with other organisms that share the same space with us. Ciliate, vitamins, algae, and

plant images were selected based on colour and form to see if the sound changed based on these

alterations. Images where put through an image synthesizer to convert them into sound. In some

samples the sound changed based on the form and colour according to some key point in the image.

The project aims to portray another way of seeing and listening to microorganisms as well as

to experiment between the relationship of image and sound. The multiple sounds and images give a

feeling of outer space as if these invisible organisms were trying to communicate with us.

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